The Okayama International Center

OIC1.jpg  My last night in the Kansai I stayed at the Okayama International Center. This is another of the clearly government-finianced project that dot Okayama prefecture -- it's a beautiful modern building (the shot at left is of the lobby lounge, below is the elavator area).  
 The ground floor of the center has tons and tons of tourists and foreigner information, including places to go, travel, etc. and internet access (a whole string of visitors were sending email back home when I was there). It's defintely worth coming in for a look if you're in Okayama. Upstairs there are reasonably-priced (about $55 when I was there) rooms you can stay in short-term; the other guests the night I was there were mainland Chinese women. The upstairs rooms are just very conventional hotel rooms.   OIC2.jpg
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