Halloween 2003:
The Social Bunny

At the Maxis 2003 Halloween Costume Contest, we were visited by the Social Bunny. In the new version of The Sims, the Social Bunny appears only to those who are in need of extra social, so it's not such a good sign that we could all see it.

Click on photos to enlarge. Photos courtesy of Komei Harada and Andreas Ramos.

The social bunny hops into the middle of the crowd to begin a few impromptu socials as (L to R) Kelly Riley, Marion Gothier, Kevin Byall, and Emmy Toyonaga watch.

Poor social bunny! Someone has rejected the bunny's social attempts, and now he walks away sad. Who wouldn't want a hug from a soft, fuzzy, ratty, stained, one-eyed bunny? Kevin Byall and Charles London watch this sad sight.

Here's the bunny with a collection of other spirits from the Costume Contest. Back row (L to R): Lisa del Toro, Alvin Go, the Social Bunny, unknown, Justin Graham, BJ West, Cory Tsang, Kevin Byall, David Benson, Wendy Bliss. Front row: unknown, Suzanne, Jenna Chambers, Gretchen Carlson, unknown.

Whew! After a hard day of spreading sociality everywhere, the bunny waves goodbye.
At right, the bunny takes a well-deserved rest. The bunny learned to respect the entertainers who populate our nations' amusement parks... those heads are hot!

But you can't keep a bunny down for long! Later that night, the bunny popped back up at Patti Wilson's Halloween Party. Patti's friend Naomi looks on as the bunny sees more people in need of social. It's unclear how the bunny's eye returned for this picture, when in fact it was sewn shut until after the evening was over.